Picture of Buzz Aldrin and myself at a fundraising gala for the World Affairs Council of Orange County.

Who Am I

My name is Joshua Cole and software engineering is both my trade and hobby. This website is dedicated to showcasing my many adventures throughout multiple domains of the computer science realm. I have an insatiable interest in all aspects of computing – and often find myself exploring it. My most recent foray includes an attempt at developing a Neural Network system that doesn’t use recursion. But I’ve done many other things as well.


Presently, I am employed by Fluke Calibration as a Senior Software Design Engineer. My many responsibilities include: new feature development, bug fixing, framework maintenance, and being a Certified ScrumMaster. Our product is the illustrious MET/TEAM Asset Tracking and Management Software which I originally helped develop many years ago. I work with an awesome team of self-organizing individuals who strive to make our product succeed.

Favorite Project

The raspberry-pi kernel I wrote is easily my most stellar success. To date, it has 27 stars on github and has been used in a derivative work. The code is entirely my own and was concocted out of a desire to understand fundamental concepts in baremetal development. At the time, there were zero kernels written in c++ for the raspberry-pi, so I felt like I was forging a new path in that niche world. I definitely grew as a result of that project and learned a lot – what more could I ask for?!